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  • continuous integration cimt Talend
    First steps with DevOps for Talend Data Management

    Talend features to support Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery – A first step to DevOps The popularity of DevOps within IT organizations is ever growing. It has become a pre-condition for any company competing in the race for continuous (digital) innovation. New functionality or a new product offering needs to be put...

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  • gdpr data governance
    Chances and Challenges of GDPR

    What is GDPR? The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a binding regulation created by the European Commission. The regulation is replacing current European Union data protection directives and diverse national laws. By 25th of May 2018, the affected businesses will have to comply with several new requirements in relation...

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  • test automation & robot framework
    Safer to Production – Increase Productivity & Test Reliability

    Imagine a new developer joining your project, having to do rework on a job created by another team member or that one job that was created a while ago. A scenario not hard to imagine for any ETL developer. Now, this job has been feeding a certain target system for a long...

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  • Talend Support Nederland
    Talend Remote Support & Monitoring Services

    Al meer dan 5 jaar bieden wij een service center met volledig uitgeruste remote service voorzieningen voor Talend eindgebruikers. Inmiddels zijn er meer dan 12.000 calls ontvangen en naar tevredenheid verwerkt. Sinds begin van dit jaar hebben wij ons service center uitgebreid om remote support met beheer en monitoring ook...

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  • CRM data deduplication machine learning Talend
    CRM data cleansing and machine learning

    Duplicate data in CRM systems can cause you to miss out on that promising lead. Or worse, can give you the impression that you obliged a deletion request while truthfully, duplicate data about that same entity is still lingering around, breaking privacy regulations in the process. Avoiding duplicate data is...

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